«Culture without limits«Culture without limits»

Museum program aimed at integrating people with disabilities into the general social and cultural space of the country.

From 9 November 2015 in the IEC «Museum of History of Kyiv» started to act program “Culture Unlimited”, because our museum – one of the few museums of Kyiv, where there are ramps, lifts, seating, parking and other amenities for visitors with disabilities and, not least, the area of ​​the museum allows freedom of movement for people in wheelchairs.

Services for people with disabilities:

-Tour “Touch the stories” designed for visually impaired and blind children as well as adults. While talking with the guide, you can get into the world of ancient ceramic production and military affairs, perceive things to touch and receive information through tactile sensations, smells or sounds.

-Trips for children and adults with disorders of the musculoskeletal system: “The tale is told in the museum”, “historic Designer”, “Archaeological Expedition” quest “museum mystery” and theatrical tours.

Information, Pone: +380 (44) 520-28-26.