Kyiv Occupation Museum

After the restauration of Ukrainian state sovereignty in 1991, there was a need to rethink and truthfully represent critical periods in the life of the Ukrainian people. The Kyiv Occupation Museum explores the multiple foreign occupations that Kyiv has endured in the twentieth century, including Soviet and Nazi.

The existence of any occupation regime is accompanied by two phenomena that influence the behavior of the local population: resistance and collaboration. These themes are highly relevant for modern Ukraine. Therefore, the museum offers a fresh look at occupation regimes, particularly the Soviet occupation, which still remains controversial in Ukraine.


The Museum shows occupation regimes through the prism of their activity in a particular place — Kyiv. The main themes of the Museum’s exposition are:
– Ideology of Occupation Regimes. The political objectives of the occupation regimes are shown to have come from outside of Ukraine’s borders — whether from Moscow or Berlin. The local population was simply used as a resource to further these ideologies.
– Occupation Terror. The main tool that the various occupational regimes carried out to ensure their dominance was a carefully thought out and implemented policy of the destruction and intimidation of the local population.
– Destruction of the Urban Environment. The exhibits demonstrate how the occupation regimes deliberately destroyed or spoiled the city landscape in pursuance of their ideological and political goals.


The above-mentioned themes of the museum are narrated with the help of:
– photographs and documents, personal belongings of the occupiers, and leaflets and newspapers of the occupation period;
– samples of weapons and military equipment that were used by opposing parties in the conflicts;
– maps and diagrams of the city.

The Kyiv Occupation Museum is a branch of the Kyiv History Museum.

Kyiv, 13, Slavhorodska St.
(Partyzanskoi Slavy park). Metro Boryspilska or Chervonyi Khutir

Opening hours:
10.00-18.00 (ticket office until 17.30)
Monday – closed
Last Thursday of each month – closed

              Last Friday of each month – free entrance

Phone: +380 (44) 563-30-06