Ювілейна виставка художниці Оксани БРЕНЗОВИЧ «Агапе. Love»/ Anniversary exhibition of the artist Oksana BRENZOVYCH “Agape. Love”

Museum of the History of Kyiv

presents the anniversary exhibition of the artist Oksana BRENZAVYCH

“Agape. Love »

from October 22 to November 28, 2021.



On October 21, 2021 at 18:00 there will be a presentation – the opening of the anniversary exhibition of the artist Oksana BRENZOVYCH “Agape. Love »

Agape * – the energy of evolution in nature. This is what Charles Sanders Pierce claimed in his philosophical system. This is love that can be unselfishly given to people and sacrifice themselves, the opinion of Greek philosophers. Then, Arab, is this much more than the love we are used to? Apparently. It’s not just sympathy or admiration, passion and desire …. it’s something that can help you feel stronger and higher than heaven, believe in the impossible. Such love through art canvases can be felt from the artist Oksana BRENZOVYCH.

A retrospective exhibition called “Agape. Love” is timed to the anniversary of the artist and has absorbed the work of the last 3 years. Plots, supernatural combinations of colors – are able to immerse yourself deeply in philosophical reflection, enchant and captivate extraterrestrial romance. The works leave no doubt – “that love is and it is given to each of us to be passed on …” – says Oksana BRENZOVYCH. It is not the first time in the title of her exhibition that the artist hides at first sight such a deep philosophy, the magic of numbers, words, but in fact it is all love that guides her hand and gives the emotion of complete happiness. Oksana BRENZOVYCH strives that everyone contemplating her paintings be inspired, absorb her love and pass it on with the same inspiration and selflessness. After all, when you are full of love and ready to share it, everything is much easier in life. ”Her paintings warm. Because he writes with his heart. He writes with love. It is no coincidence that this exhibition is called Love – writes art critic Alexei TITARENKO about the artist – Writes just in the garden, nature abounds around: flowers, trees, in the sky – the mountains. Oksana writes them. The shadow of a branch falls on the canvas – Oksana, as if enchanted, writes that branch, just in the shadow. The wind blew – the branches trembled – Oksana wrote that trembling. This is a kind of magic, mega-impressionism. Flowers like birds, birds like flowers. So Apollinaire once rhymed the slopes of the shoulders and shoulders of the mountains. Or maybe these are the embryos of the art of the future, when the artist will co-create with the forces of nature itself? In recent years – a whole kaleidoscope of bright, colorful exhibitions of Oksana Brenzovich. Her painting in front of her eyes is gaining strength. And is it just painting? Handkerchiefs, scarves, shirts, dresses – the mega-bright brand Brenzovich paints gray fashion everyday. ”

The exhibition will feature a unique collection of scarves and mittens with prints of paintings by Oksana BRENZOVYCH, created in collaboration with the brand SHPALTA. These paintings will be jewelry accessories from the fashion house Reny M, Renata MOYSH, which are planned to be shown at the opening of the exhibition. And all this is one whole exposition. In fact, it is a symbiosis of two creative talented people, Renata and Oksana, who inspire each other with their works. In tandem, they have created more than one exhibition, now the collection of dresses by Renata Moysh supplemented by energetic works by Oksana BRENZOVYCH represents Ukraine at the International Exhibition in the UAE Expo-2020 in Dubai. http://prozak.info/Suspil-stvo/Na-EKSPO-2020-v-Dubayi-Ukrayinu-prezentuvalo-i-Zakarpattya?fbclid=IwAR3vzbtoCIbbGD6SigyNxiRMIFZwDMUgdeN59z9PMiDwmnkfG

* Agape (Greek αγάπη) – God’s unconditional, sacrificial, effective, strong-willed, caring love.


About the author:

Oksana BRENZOVYCH, a contemporary Ukrainian artist, was born on October 18, 1976, in Uzhhorod. In May 2021. awarded the prestigious All-Ukrainian Prize “Woman of the Third Millennium”.

Recent exhibitions:

EXPO 2020 in Dubai
GREEN CARPET BEAUTY AWARDS, organized in partnership with the international association UNI. September 14 – 24, 2021, Košice, Slovakia
The collection of selected works is exhibited at the All-Ukrainian Art Exhibition of Contemporary Artists on Femininity – “Femininity”, organized by the Auction House TimaxArt, the Ukrainian Association of Women’s Studies in Art. August 5 – 19, 2021, Spaces Business Center, Kyiv, Ukraine
Charity auction within the All-Ukrainian action “Heart to Heart”, organized by the charity fund “Heart to the Heart of Transcarpathia” in partnership with the “Andrew Rooster Foundation” and the hospitable yard “Charda”. June 30, 2021, Charda Guest House, Uzhhorod, Ukraine
A collection of selected works is exhibited at the Fashion Evening. June 17, 2021, restaurant complex “Country Club”, Uzhgorod, Ukraine
NUMBERS. LEMNISKATA. June 3 – 12, Museum and Exhibition Center “Museum of the History of Kyiv”, Kyiv, Ukraine
UNCOMMINED ENERGY. April 22 – May 6, 2021, Mukachevo Historical Museum, Palanok Castle, Mukachevo, Ukraine
The collection of selected works is exhibited in the Exhibition Center of NGO Perfect Art Group. 2020-2021, Kyiv, Ukraine
SELF. November 18 – December 18, 2020, jewelry house “Zarina”, Kyiv, Ukraine
INITIATION. All-Ukrainian Forum “Business Ukrainian Women”. September 25, 2020, Hilton Hotel, Kyiv, Ukraine
INITIATION. Women’s Forum for Successful, vol

grumpy, talented and beautiful women, organized by VERSAL media holding and covered in VERSAL magazine. September 21 – 23, 2019, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
You can learn more about Oksana BRENZOVYCH and her catalog of works by going to https://www.facebook.com/oksana.brenzovich

Entrance to the exhibition by tickets.

Address of the exhibition: IEC of Contemporary Art, Kyiv, st. B. Khmelnytsky, 7

Project coordinator: Halyna Yakymchuk (067) 224 0284 g.yakymchuk@gmail.com


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