«КИЄВЕ МІЙ, МІСТО СПОГАДІВ ТА МРІЙ». Виставка живопису Тетяни Кугай / «MY KYIV, THE CITY OF MEMORIES AND DREAMS». Exhibition of paintings by Tetyana Kuhai

IEC “Museum of Kyiv” and Tatiana Kugay present the exhibition


(11/17 – 11/30)

On November 17, 2021 at 18:30 the opening of the exhibition of the artist Tatiana Kugai “MY KYIV, CITY OF MEMORIES AND DREAMS” will take place


The exhibition presents about 30 paintings painted by the artist over 20 years and dedicated to her native Kyiv. The author’s creative imagination was nourished by literary images of famous writers, publications of Kyiv scholars, museum galleries, as well as a direct immersion in the architectural and landscape environment of the city. The knowledge of Kyiv took place throughout Ms. Tatiana’s conscious life: during school plein airs on Castle Hill, during her student years – from the NAOMA terrace, from where the picturesque landscapes of Podil, Kozhumyakiv, Vozdvyzhenka and Shchekavytsia unfolded. Walking around the city and the architectural and artistic heritage of Kyiv inspired the artist and also reflected in the creative work of the artist. The presented paintings show the changes in the author’s creative style, technique, color and composition. Tatiana Kugai’s works are an inner vision of Kyiv’s past and present. The artist focused most of her attention on the theme of the old districts of the city: tracts, steep ravines, homes of artisans, shopkeepers, petty officials, etc. The city of Tatiana Kugai, woven of associations, is fabulous, cozy, with steep cobbled streets, small houses, lanterns, dovecotes, theater stands, signs of the XIX-XX centuries. And the mood on the canvases is created not by crowds of happy or sad citizens, but by a compositional and colorful background.

About the author:

Tatiana Kugai was born in Poltava into an artistic family. Her father, Anatoliy Kugai (1936-2003), was an artist of monumental and easel painting, and her mother, Zoya Gudchenko, was an architect. The parents did their best to develop their daughter’s creative abilities. Already at the age of four she had professional materials: oil pastel, watercolor, tempera. The process of drawing in preschool resembled a theatrical action, during which she danced, sang and communicated with the heroes of her creative works. The artistic credo of the six-year-old artist was: “Excessive beauty will not hurt.”

At the age of four, Tatiana became a resident of Kyiv. She graduated from the Republican Art School. T.G. Shevchenko, National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (book graphics workshop under the guidance of Professor V.Ya. Chebanyk). Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (since 1993). Associate Professor of Kyiv National University of Technology and Design, Department of Drawing and Painting (since 2006). Works in the field of book illustration, design, graphics, easel and monumental painting. Combines graphic and painting techniques in search of means of artistic expression in different genres of art: landscape, still life, portrait, figurative composition. She has participated in more than 70 art exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. The works are stored in private collections in Ukraine, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, China, Israel, and America.

Entrance to the exhibition by tickets.

Address of the exhibition: IEC of Contemporary Art, Kyiv, st. B. Khmelnytsky, 7

Project Coordinator: Ivanna (050) 186 03 54 Ivanna.fedko@timaxglobal.com

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