THE SKY OVER KIEV. Painting, graphics, aircraft models / НЕБО НАД КИЄВОМ. Живопис, графіка, авіамоделі

Museum of the History of Kyiv



Paintings, graphics and models of aircraft from the collection of the Museum of the History of Kyiv.

20.10 – 28.11

An exhibition of works of art and aviation models “Sky over Kyiv” opened on October 20 at the IEC “Museum of Kyiv”.

Let’s break away from everyday affairs and look up. What special thing can you see in the sky over Kyiv? How is it different from all the other heavens in the world? Kyiv artists see high urban silhouettes, roofs, birds, tree crowns, helicopters and planes. Clouds are gathering, the sun is shining, it is breaking through the mist, the sky is shimmering blue, it is gently colored by the western light in warm colors, then it is obscured by smoke (this was the case in 2014). The sky over Kyiv breathes in unison with the city.

The exhibition presents paintings and graphics by Vladimir Budnikov, Vasily Chegodar, Galina Grigorieva, Anatoly Tytarenko, Boris Tulin and other masters, as well as models of aircraft produced by the State Enterprise “Antonov”.

All exhibits belong to the collection of the Museum of the History of the City of Kyiv

The exhibition will be open to visitors until November 28, 2021.

The cost of an entrance ticket to the exhibition is UAH 50.


IEC “Museum of Kyiv”

Kyiv, street B. Khmelnytsky, 7


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