The exhibition “Fairy Tales of Emma the Traveler” continues in the Museum of the Ukrainian Diaspora 22.12.2021-30.01.2022

The exhibition presents about forty works by the famous Ukrainian artist and writer in the diaspora Emma Andievska. This extraordinary artist has been creating her own world on her canvases for many decades and inhabiting its corners with bizarre characters invented by her imagination. Each of her paintings is a whole story, or rather a fairy tale that leaves neither children nor adults indifferent.

Animals and birds, flowers and insects, sailboats and boats, lanterns and stones, parents and children – these are the main characters in the works of Emma Andievskaya. In her paintings, ordinary creatures acquire bizarre forms, and inanimate objects are reincarnated and become full-fledged characters. This creates a fantastic original world, in which, if you look closely, you can see the stories we know from childhood – about curiosity and adventure, about travel and return, about love and friendship, about quarrel and reconciliation, about loyalty and support. About self-knowledge. About expanding the boundaries of the possible. After all, about being.

Also at the exhibition you can see and hear Ms. Emma. She will read her fairy tales and poems on TV. And visitors will be able to appreciate her magical voice, which immerses everyone in her own fairy-tale space. The exhibition presents works from the funds of the Museum of the Ukrainian Diaspora and the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation named after Maria Pryimachenko.

Waiting for you! We will be glad to show you the tales of Emma Andievska!

The exhibition is open at the Museum of the Ukrainian Diaspora (40B Moskovska Street) every day, except Mondays, from 10:00 to 17:15.

Entrance ticket costs UAH 50

Entrance to the exhibition according to the rules of visiting cultural institutions in the conditions of adaptive quarantine of the “yellow zone”

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