Museum-Exhibition Center “Museum of Kyiv” and Irina Akimova present a personal exhibition of paintings “Memory of the Soul” 13.01.22-30.01.22

January 13, 2022 will be the opening of the art project of the artist Irina AKIMOVA “MEMORIES OF THE SOUL”

The MEMORIES OF THE SOUL art project is a retrospective exhibition of contemporary Kyiv artist Iryna AKIMOVA, which brings together her work from several projects over the past five years. These are the years of active creative search and formation of one’s own handwriting. “Paints and images in her paintings are developing as dynamically as the artist herself. Iryna offers the audience interesting topics, an original view of the world, raises social issues that give rise to different interpretations and disputes, “said People’s Artist of Ukraine Oleh Pinchuk.

The artist invests a part of her philosophy of life in her work. These are the principles of unacceptability of violence, search for constructive compromise and tolerance for dissent (projects MADONNA, REFLECTION, RHYTHMS OF THE ERA), empathy for another’s pain (projects DRUNKER, WINDOWS), analysis of contradictions and contradictions human emotions (MUSIC). “So her paintings are the embodiment and reflection of our nervous, crunchy, unpredictable and” beautiful “time, whose temporary problems are more noticeable than long-term achievements and obvious benefits,” says art critic Oleg Sidor-Gibelinda.

Irina AKIMOVA is characterized by “exercices de style” – she boldly experiments with different directions and styles. In her projects, direct impression is contiguous with expressionism and stylized cubism (REFLECTION), and unusual abstractions (MUSIC, SEASONS) are replaced by surrealistic motifs (FLOWER LIBRETO). And each work is an original author’s view, permeated with anxiety, search and denial of what seemed unconditional yesterday. “Each of my projects is a reflection of the real world that has passed through my soul and left its mark there forever. This is a new part of my inner self, a small step in the eternal search for the unusual in the ordinary … “, – the artist shares.

Irina uses a wide range of genre and species tools. In her projects, different forms are harmoniously combined and complement each other. The author’s personal highlight is the combination of visual art with music and poetry. Therefore, in projects, often paintings, installations, performances appear before the audience along with her own poems (MADONNA, MASK). The viewer sees and at the same time hears the address to him. And in the MUSIC project, painting was born from music, striving to convey the harmony of musical stories with line and color.

The artist has won nine solo and almost 40 group exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad, successfully participating in prestigious international auctions of contemporary art (Phillips in London, Timaxart). She is an active curator of the Ukrainian Association for Women’s Studies in the Arts, where she is a leader.

We invite you to look into the world of images created by her. They may or may not like it, but they will not leave you indifferent.

Exhibition partners: Ukrainian Association for Women’s Studies in Art (UAFRA).

Information partners: UNN, ArtsLooker, InArt, ArtLine, InArt.

The exhibition will run from 13 to 30 January 2022.

About the author:
Iryna Mykhailivna Akimova is a Kyiv artist, a representative of contemporary art. Born in Kharkiv, graduated from Kharkiv State University, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor. Director of the public organization Analytical and Cultural Center “New Socio-Economic Policy” (AC NOSEP). She taught at Ukrainian and foreign universities, engaged in scientific work .. Has extensive experience as a political and statesman ..

Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Engaged in painting and installations. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. Held five solo exhibitions. Her works adorn the collections of the Museum of Art Collections in Shanghai (China), the Museum of Ukrainian Culture in Svidnik (Slovakia, a branch of the National Museum of Slovakia), as well as Ukrainian and European private collections. Organizer and curator of contemporary art exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.

Iryna Akimova is the founder and leader of the Ukrainian Association for Feminine Research in the Arts (UAFRA), which has been working as a member of the New Socio-Economic Policy Analytical and Cultural Center (AC NOSEP) since 2017. .

You can learn more about Irina AKIMOVA and her catalog of works by visiting the website:


Address of the exhibition: IEC “Museum of Kyiv”, Kyiv, st. B. Khmelnytsky, 7.

Entrance fee: 70 ₴


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