«ЯК СПРАВА, ТАК І ЗЛІВА». Іронічний живопис Юрія Шаповала / «IF I WAS ANY FINER, I’D BE CHINA». Ironic painting by Yuri Shapoval

The Museum of Kyiv and Yuriy Shapoval present the project
“Both right and left”
12/3 – 12/19/2021

The long-awaited exhibition of Yuri’s social satire will take place in the Kyiv Museum from December 3 to 19
She whispered. The Poltava artist will present the works he worked on during
the last three years.
The leading theme of Yuri Shapoval’s art series is the formation of democracy in Ukraine and the process
formation of political consciousness. A series in which Yuri Shapoval re-actualized the image of the poet
Taras Shevchenko as an active participant in the protests in Ukraine in 2014-2015, brought
artist’s popularity and became an international meme. The artist works with the traditional
tools of Impressionism, and the plots of his paintings are an instant reflection of social and
political processes.
Yuri Shapoval emphasizes stereotypes of thinking that lead to logical errors or
paradoxical elections. There are everyday jokes that contain the potential of the Ukrainian meme
much more political than it seems at first glance. The text that
gained viral popularity. From a cultural point of view, such popularity is an indicator
viability of the idea. Dialogue like:
– What’s up?
– How! Both right and left!
is an example of the tone of a typical mass joke. It’s a quick and easy gag. However, under it
there is a reluctance to problematize or analyze the answer.
Shapoval’s plots are typically recognizable. They recorded the same irony of the household, under which
hide the need to take responsibility for actions and responses. This is an appeal to
those defense systems that turn political activity into memes to avoid injury from
reality. On the one hand, the opportunity to jointly organize the public life of the country citizens
owe thousands of lives of activists / ok, soldiers / ok, volunteers / ok. On the other hand – the space itself
political action and thought competes with entertaining media content from the beginning
independence of Ukraine. In clear examples Shapoval is traced directly
connection with cultural codes that transform the political into the satirical, and
on the contrary, it is satirical and political.
Yuri Shapoval was born in 1984 in Poltava, where he lives and works now. The artist works with
painting and graphics, appeals to social satire and everyday plots. Practices
Shapovals are devoted to the reflection of typical for the mass Ukrainian culture ways
deal with traumatic issues with humor.
The exhibition will run from 3 to 19 December 2021 on the third floor of the Museum of Kyiv (Bohdana Street
Khmelnytsky, 7).
The presentation of the project will take place on December 2 at 18:00. Login to the opening by invitation or by
the cost of a ticket to the exhibition.
Media accreditation by contacts below. Entrance to the museum with a test or certificate

Victoria Novak +38 (099) 096 58 11

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