Museum-Exhibition Center “Museum of Kyiv” and Bogatskaya ART present a personal exhibition of paintings by Elena Bogatskaya “The Art of Balance” 25.01.22 – 06.02.22

Olena Bohatska’s personal exhibition “TROVARE EQUILIBRIO” will open on January 25 at the Museum and Exhibition Center of the Museum of the History of the City of Kyiv. The art of balance. Current trend.

The vast majority of people are in search of balance in their feelings, in their health, in communication with others, at work, in life in general. Inspired by the paintings of abstract expressionists, Elena tries to combine the two main directions of this movement – action painting and color field painting. Find a balance between chaos and peace. The artist’s work focuses on textured and abstract color compositions. They are always dynamic and spontaneous.

With the art project “TROVARE EQUILIBRIO” Olena Bogatska demonstrates the result of creative inspiration: “My paint is like a living organism. I guide her and she guides me. Such cooperation creates new powerful energy. And this energy remains on the canvas. ”

Color is the driving force in the works of the artist. It affects the viewer from the first moment of visual interaction. Elena works with paints, layering, decomposing color into subtle shades, accentuates, strengthens and weakens, maximally revealing its depth and diversity. “I try to isolate color from external noise and make it loud,” – says the author of works of art.

Using layer-by-layer application of paint on the canvas, Elena enriches the texture and creates a tactile effect. Each layer is a color projection of the emotional experience. In her abstract works you will find neither images nor hidden symbols.

“I try to send the viewer on a journey on the surface of the painting, without giving hints in the form of certain images and leaving him alone with his own associations caused by the abstract canvas.”

The most powerful trio of color, texture and rhythm, their connection and balance – this is the most convincing demonstration of the powerful life force of painting.

Olena Bohatska reveals her inner world as follows: “To be energy, to feel energy, to interact, transform and fix it on the canvas. In my work, I try to explore the world as energy, not matter. Energy that vibrates, interacts and transforms. I reflect a world that we cannot see but can feel. ”

The exhibition “TROVARE EQUILIBRIO” will feature 15 paintings.
The author of the project is Eugenia Ginzburg.
The organization of the exhibition is Bogatskaya ART, Yevhenia Ginzburg, Alina Rudominska.

A film about the artist, her thoughts and work will be shot during the exhibition. The video as part of the TROVARE EQUILIBRIO project (ART OF BALANCE) will be presented in February 2022.
Visitors of the exhibition will have interactive communication, joint creation of paintings, where everyone will be able to apply their color, their mood on the canvas. Later, the artist will arrange all the impressions of the guests in a single composition. The finale of the finished joint work will be shown in the film of the project.
Also, visitors to the exhibition will have interesting meetings with the artist, namely:

February 2, 2022 – a seminar will be held in the gallery of the exhibition, where the following topics will be discussed: “How to sell paintings. Quick start and search for contacts. Ways to promote in sales – what to draw and how to draw. Ambitions and their realization. Cases of successful artists, pricing ”
February 4, 2022 – a seminar-webinar for artists on “Working with ART platforms, how to find them, how to work with them. Banking, delivery, shipping, packaging, support documents.
You can learn more about Olena Bohatska and her work by vocations

The exhibition will run from January 25 to February 6, 2022 at the Museum and Exhibition Center of the Museum of History of Kyiv,

Kyiv, street B. Khmelnytsky, 7

Entrance fee: 70 ₴


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