Museum and Exhibition Center of the Museum of Kyiv and Kateryna Tomchuk present a photo exhibition “Nereids” 21.01.22-10.02.22

The first personal exhibition of photographer Kateryna Tomchuk is dedicated to the beauty of a woman in her pure natural manifestation. Before coming out of the earth, breathing this air and lighting the first fire, people came out of the water. The human child is first in the water, and then breathes the first air. That is, water is the most organic state, female in particular, and a woman is water. So it is no coincidence that in search of beauty and the desire to show it, Catherine chose water as her tool that will illuminate true female beauty. In her lens, the girls who live next to us turn into witches, nymphs and nymphs – that’s what they look like to photographers. Visitors of the exhibition will see them as nereids and sea nymphs in their mystical and seductive essence!

Kateryna says: “Water has always been something I was afraid of and did not understand, so it is especially surprising to me that the best works for me are those related to water. I noticed that I very often use “water” epithets to describe my condition: I have an absolute storm, in which I am without tone support; there is a melancholy calm; in some places it is dawn after a stormy state, full of hope and peace, and sometimes my mood is as dark as the depths of the largest ocean. ” These states are reflected in the photos and moods of the works, their colors, as well as as if transmitted through photographs.

The amazing combination of the element of water and women’s sculpture takes us back to the ancient Greek epic, the best examples of classical and modern literature, sculpture and painting. Nereids are metaphorically called sea waves. The same smooth and gentle, stormy and seductive, strong and energetic girls are recreated in Catherine’s paintings. Water emphasizes every movement, as if giving space and freedom for self-expression. Catherine’s models seem to have discovered and felt their essence, immersed in water. Visitors to the exhibition will also be able to dive into this underwater world full of beautiful sea nymphs – Nereids.

About the photographer:

Catherine was born on December 5, 1995. It was the grandmother who nurtured one of her most important qualities – a sincere interest in life, greed for knowledge and mastery of new skills. Dance, theater, and even painting, as a tribute to the artist’s grandfather, nurtured a desire for creativity at various stages, but none of the hobbies were, and therefore did not become a matter of life. Yes, a sense of color, aesthetics and shadows led to the art of photography.

Kateryna calls the basic life and creative commandments “courage, beauty and curiosity”, because the heart must have the will to take bold steps, the eyes must see how beautiful this world is, and the mind must realize that you know nothing yet.

Address of the exhibition: IEC “Museum of Kyiv”, Kyiv, st. B. Khmelnytsky, 7.

Entrance ticket price: ₴


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