Київська тусовка 1970-х. Олександр Міловзоров/ Kyiv party of the 1970s. Alexander Milovzorov

the teachers of the old academic school used to make sketches regularly. Someone purely for the sake of maintaining technical skills, someone for the sake of future works, and someone sought to capture the beauty of the moment. The latter includes Alexander Milovzorov. Fifty years ago, he was a young monumental artist who was said to have high hopes. And, as we now know, he fully lived up to those hopes by creating hundreds of wonderful works in painting, graphics, ceramics and, of course, in monumental art.
The young Oleksandr Milovzorov occasionally painted his friends and colleagues, the same young people who were destined to become classics of Ukrainian art of the late twentieth century. Meetings in workshops, visits to the Union of Artists, casual meetings – the trained eye of the artist snatched from the turbulent course of life a characteristic gesture, a refined tilt of the head, a spectacular silhouette, sometimes – a whole genre scene. And a skillful hand recorded all this in a matter of minutes, creating a unique art-historical document.
For the middle and older generation of Ukrainians, the 1970s are “Brezhnev times.” For some, they are a sweet memory of cheap sausage and “stability”, for others – not a sweet feeling of total imprisonment and lies, the persecution of dissent. In Alexander Milovzorov’s drawings we see a different, less obvious in general, shade of the day. This is the inner freedom of the artist, even in conditions of limited freedom of creativity. Bright, loose people, cute faces, fashionable clothes – this is how Kyiv artists appear in their colleague’s drawings.
The art party of the 1970s was quite colorful and, to be precise, included not only artists. Intellectuals from various professional fields had the pleasure and honor of joining the company of these free internally people. So it is not surprising that among the sketches of Oleksandr Milovzorov are the “father” of Ukrainian actionism Fedor “Fripulya” Tetyanych and prominent archaeologist Oleksiy Terenozhkin, the designer of the aircraft cabin of the “Antonov” Vitaly Solodov and the prima of the Kyiv Opera and Ballet Theater. -ti) Valentina Kalinovskaya, culturologists Les Gerasymchuk and Anatoly Makarov. Of course, this company also included the artist’s brother Valentin Milovzorov, associate professor of the pulp and paper industry.
Alexander Milovzorov created a collective portrait of his generation of artists during his creative development, when most of the bright works that formed a certain artistic canon of the late twentieth century. still ahead.
Curator – Katerina Lipa
Ticket price – 50 hryvnias.
The exhibition will run until November 1 inclusive!

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