«БАРВИ ВСЕРЕДИНІ НАС». Виставка студії ARTHAND / “COLORS INSIDE US”. Exhibition by ARTHAND Studio

IEC “Museum of Kyiv”
together with the painting studio for adults – ArtHand
presents the exhibition “Colors inside us”

When you visit our museum, you will see the works of people who are not professional artists, but are real creators at heart! The purpose of this exhibition is to inspire both visitors to the exhibition and novice artists. “Colors inside us” are designed to convey the feelings of each girl and how she respects this world. Each student of the studio is unique and she has something to say with the help of pictures.

Lusine Vardanyan, a director by profession, is our ray of light with a deep inner world and the same deep look. Read and very fun. In her paintings, she has a dialogue with her other “I” and seeks herself.

Anna-Maria Kovbel is a girl with curls, a lover of all living things, especially horses. We were lucky to meet her when she was 7 years old. Anna-Maria fell in love with oil paints and has not parted with them for a year. Such a small person in our adult family.

Olya Kovtun is a pianist, a refined perfectionist. This girl either does everything well or does not do at all. The greatest critic for herself. Olya loves freedom and this can be seen in her work. So much space in her works!

Nastya Miklouha, businesswoman and mother of 4 children. This woman knows how to impress with her organization and rhythm of life. Nastya loves to experiment, she is looking for new plots and materials, although the main and favorite is still oil paint.

Olena Yaroshenko, a pediatric dentist, whose lifelong hobby was drawing. She painted at home on her own before coming to our studio. Elena is a flower bud that opens gradually, surprising with its new faces.

Inna Karpusenko is our intellectual, kind and polite. I was very skeptical before I started painting in adulthood, but after deciding I could not stop and continues to create new interesting works. Its main material is oil paint, and the inspirers are animals.

Alina Balenko is a talented newcomer, during the year of study in our studio Alina revealed and developed in painting as some have succeeded in 3 years. Her works are distinguished by glamor and feminine realism. Her stories are clear even without a signature and will not leave anyone indifferent. Alina’s favorite materials are oil and potash.

Victoria Ostroukh is a girl who is ready to help at any moment. Responsive and responsible. We have known Vika for the longest time, she has been an ArtHand student for about 3 years. She experiments a lot, combining acrylic and oil in one work. The main plots in the works are animals, and the peculiarity of her handwriting is contrasts (in materials, paint effects, colors).

Albina Ralko is a gentle psychologist, ready to help at any moment. Its main direction is realism, and its favorite material is oil. The expanses of landscapes inspire Albina to create.

The exhibition will run from 07 to 20 December 2021
in the IEC “Museum of Kyiv” (Bohdan Khmelnytsky Street, 7).
Entrance to the exhibition with a test or vaccination certificate.

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