Branch of the Museum of the History of the City of Kyiv “Museum of the Sixties” presents the exhibition “Price of Freedom” to the 50th anniversary of mass political arrests in Ukraine 25.01.22 – 20.02.22

The exhibition tells about the activities of thirty Ukrainian political prisoners in 1972 (a total of about a hundred people were arrested in Ukraine during the year). On December 30, 1971, the KGB of the >>>>>

Museum-Exhibition Center “Museum of Kyiv” and Bogatskaya ART present a personal exhibition of paintings by Elena Bogatskaya “The Art of Balance” 25.01.22 – 06.02.22

Olena Bohatska’s personal exhibition “TROVARE EQUILIBRIO” will open on January 25 at the Museum and Exhibition Center of the Museum of the History of the City of Kyiv. The art of balance. Current trend. The >>>>>

“РІЗДВЯНІ ІСТОРІЇ КИЄВА” Виставка до Новорічних свят/”CHRISTMAS HISTORIES OF KYIV” Exhibition for the New Year holidays

“Christmas stories of Kyiv” 24.12-19.01   “Christmas Stories of Kyiv” is an exhibition where you can absorb the spirit of Christmas of the last century. About a thousand exclusive and collectible exhibits create an unforgettable >>>>>